• Acquisition strategy

    We know that you have spent all your time thinking about the wonderful product
    that you want to offer to users.


    Without thinking for a minute about how it would sell. Besides, you don't always want to know.

    Yet, if you don't buy it, you're going to close store and your project with it.


    Selling is not shameful if you really do a service and you respect
    people and the environment.

  • Our services in acquisition strategy

    Advertising & Visibility

    Net linking
    Training in building offline visibility

    Fit to Market

    Brand positioning
    Concept positioning
    Test the relevance of these positions
    Search for gateways with users
    Business Model Construction
    Pivoting advice

    Ergonomie des tunnels d'achat

    User Tests
    Ergonomic expertise
    Ergonomics of sales processes
    Improvement of shopping tunnels


    Reflection on brand identity
    Building a brand narrative
    Construction of a product narrative

  • Our latest acquisition-focused projects


    Choice of the best fit to market kiosk concept


    Positioning of the most relevant

    e-commerce store


    Gateways with users
    beyond insurance blockages


    Choice of the best fit to market navigation concept

  • Lipault, a Use Case in Acquisition Strategy

    What we did with Samsonite

    How Fast & Fresh helped Lipault (Samsonite)
    to better serve its users

    Olivier Mokaddem, director of the User Research & Product Strategy agency Fast & Freshé was interviewed about UX's work for the Lipault brand during Print in Progress, the creative industries showroom.

  • Our differentiators

    Rapid interventions

    Because cash burns

    We know that as a small company, you don't have a lot of means and that being profitable is not a question of CAC 40 but a question of survival. Finding your fit to market is essential to the sustainability of your project and to maintain your business and that of your employees.

    Gateways with users

    We are Psychologists & Sociologists

    We know that brutalizing users or forcing them to buy nonsense does not help. We help you understand what they really need and who will help them move forward.


    And partnerships

    We work hand in hand with several incubators and associations that can give you an expert opinion or even integrate you into their development program.


    With SMEs and large groups

    If we help large groups and large SMEs to rethink their acquisition, we have the experience to open doors for you in terms of strategic vision.

  • Need Help?

    Don't be afraid to contact us. You + Us = Wonderful :)