• Jo & Joe - Accommodation for Millennials

    "Discover how Fast & Fresh helped AccorHotels understand and reconnect with generation Y & Zin the article of Charlotte Laurent in Business Harvard Review"

  • AccorHotels Experiences

    "We regularly work with Fast & Fresh. Their techniques to understand Users' Behavior are truly precious. In addition of that, their Strategists are always able to shed a new light on difficult matters"


    Isabelle - Innovation Leader @ Accor Innovation Lab

  • Apanage, Grand Prestige Travels

    "The needs of Grand Prestige & Ultra Luxury clients are not common. When you work in this field you need to level up and understand the specific dynamics of a market that has nothing to do with the usual. Fast & Fresh helped us understand very precisely the motivations Ultra-luxury customers to better position our offers and services"


    Pascal - Director of Apanage

  • Apanage, Grand Prestige Travels

    We rendered the World of Grand Prestige Travels in an introductory video. The video is visible here

  • Lipault

    Colorful Bags & Luggages

  • Secret Services

    Secret Services is an Ultra-Luxury Lifestyle & Travel Conciergerie Service. The "Club 20 gathers 20 famous and powerful members selected for their influence and their will to share their expertise and professional network.

  • Afnic


    "AFNIC is the french internet root. We manage a lot of extensions, including the .fr. We also must advise our clients on which domain names to choose. Names are not insignificant. A name can influence the understanding and memorization of your brand. Fast & Fresh helps us conduct user surveys to better help brand communicate their purpose and to propose better services to end users. Some of the Scientific Researches we conduct are available here.


    Pascal - Digital Communities

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