• A Real Human Sciences Laboratory

    Many claim they own a Laboratory. It is fashionable. It sells.


    We are not like them: we are a real National Scientific Research Laboratory that helps you understand the hidden side of your users. What they cannot tell you about their behaviors.


    You will not be able to change your relation with them if you rely on the old same qualitative/quantitative studies that teach you nothing new.


    To really help your consumers, you need to deeply understand them and respect their nature. Not to force them into a situation or a service they do not desire.


    That is what we do: we teach you who they really are and how to interact with them in a sane way as a Brand.

  • Lead Researchers

    To understand Users Behavior with Valid, Scientific tools

    Head of Psychological Researches : Arielle


    Head of Psychological Researches @ Montpellier 3 university

    Head of the Psychological Researches : Nathalie


    Head of the Psychological Researches @ Montpellier 3 Univerity

    Ethologist, Journalist & Essayist : Karine


    Ethologist, Journalist & Essayist

    Head of Research Engineering : Anne


    Head of Research Engineering

    Data Scientist & Statistician : Jules


    Data Scientist & Statistician

  • Why work with a laboratory?

    Work with true specialists in Psychology

    Most agencies rely on survey technicians with no qualification at all in Psychology to conduct their tests.

    Sometimes it is even graphic designers who supervise the research. But only Psychologists are true specialists of the human behavior. Only them have the the proper training and the tools to see past the obvious results.

    Forget the 19th century Research techniques

    Most techniques available on the market (brainstorming, focus groups...) are riddled with so many biais and inaccuracies that they make our first year student laugh.

    Researchers know this fact for more than 50 years. So why do you continue to base you strategy on fallacious techniques when you can afford the latest research tools (Biopack, Eye tracker, Face Reader, E-Prime...).

    6 different type of experts to analyze your problems

    Cognitive Psychologists, Social Psychologists, Development Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Sociologists, Ethnologists and Ethologists belonging to National Research Centers will help you analyze your problems with different angles and different frames of reference.

    Real User Strategy

    At the end of a study, most agencies hand their clients a bunch of unorganized results. Bits and pieces. Or worse, they present the results to the audience and then they kind of forget them. If we help you understand your users, it is to really transfer what we learned into your design. To engage them in solutions that actually solve their problems and emancipate them.


    We have Teachers, Trainers, Researchers, High level Statisticians, Test rooms, Experiment facilities, Experiment tools, access to the latest Research, Tax Rebates for research projects...


    In brief we have the Ressources, the Tools and the Logistics to help you conduct smoothly and efficiently your projects


    More and more companies rashly plunder the tools of Psychology to do neuromarketing. We do not believe this is a sane solution. Neither for users nor for companies.

    The more you try to manipulate your users, the more you will anger them, the more people like us will denounce you and the more you miss the point: playing with your users is so much richer than trying to cheat them.