• Why a Strategic Commando ?

    You are stopped in midstream? Your products do not seem to engage people anymore? You cannot find the way out?


    And all the agencies are proposing you wishy-washy solutions?


    That is why we are here: to help you across the river.


    Because Graphic Design without real Strategy only leads to empty interfaces and passing fads.


    We can do better than boring products just meant for selling. Let's engage and help your visitors with clever services.

  • Lead Strategists

    To make Strategy with your users. Not against them

    User Strategy  & Consumers Partnerships : Olivier


    User Strategy

    & Consumers Partnerships

    Trends  & Strategic Planning : Marie



    & Strategic Planning

    Experiences Design & Staging : Vincent


    Experiences Design & Staging

    Technical Planning  & Development Strategies : Cyril


    Technical Planning

    & Development Strategies

    SEO / SEA : Ludovic


    SEO / SEA

  • Lead creatives

    To make non-boring, engaging products

    Art Direction & Concept Design for Luxury & Grand Prestige : Khaled


    Art Direction & Concept Design for Luxury & Grand Prestige

    Emerging Trends  & Art Direction : Zaes


    Emerging Trends

    & Art Direction

    Photography  & Images for Social Media : Ushi



    & Images for Social Media

    UX/UI Specialist : Brian


    UX/UI Specialist

    Musical Artistic Direction & Playlists : Thierry


    Musical Artistic Direction & Playlists

  • Why work with a strategic commando ?

    Start with a real diagnosis

    One of the main reason why many projects lead to approximative visions or insipid solutions is agencies do not start with a real diagnosis of the situation.


    Whenever they conducted a valid user survey, they forget its conclusions when they switch to design. And when they actually listen to users, they are often not able to do much more than solving one little problem after the other without ever providing a global comprehensive vision of the subject.


    As Psychologists, this is what we do: we provide you with a global model of the situation beyond the sole economic perspective.

    Forget fallacious techniques

    The other main problem in innovation is that fallacious techniques and old habits die hard.


    Brainstorming, Persona, User journeys and all these methods that look like today's pinacle of UX are in fact riddled with biais and inaccuracies.


    We will explain you scientifically why these methods are in fact traps for the creative mind and how to be creative again and avoid the most obvious solutions.

    Stop following your users

    You cannot cheat your users but you can play with them.

    Just giving users what they want makes boring, expected product. People will not be more loyal or more attracted to you.


    Just like in a love story, start playing. Start being fun and bold with them.


    We will show you how fun it can be when you actually surprise your consumer instead of just spoiling the end of the TV show :)

    Your worst enemy is you

    Most of the time, clients loose the war before even having fought it: "too complicated, too far from who we are, too strange compared to what we are used to do...". And in the end you do nothing new and nothing innovative.


    Being innovative is precisely producing something you would not do usually. Whenever you renounce finding a solution with the excuse that it is "too complicated", you loose the war of design. Design is precisely about finding these solutions.


    That is why we are here. To help you across the river.

    Not only consultants, Teachers

    A consultant rarely has the time to think. He is often drown into production.


    Only us, teachers, have the time to think, to renew the frames of reference, to learn by teaching, to stumble upon new data...


    Agencies who just apply commercial recipes on and on do not go very far in terms of creation. 


    That is why most of our staff is also partly teaching in Psychology and Design schools.


    We can not only welcome you in laboratories, schools, test rooms and help you discover new experimental research and material.


    We can also welcome you in creativity places, help you find interns, help you with tax rebates on research and creativity projects and make you discover new strategy techniques you did not imagine yet :)