• Our user testing services

    Creation of a simulation

    Putting users in a situation
    Building Test Scenarios
    Sampling of good test populations
    Identification of critical points
    Strategic vision of the changes to be made
    Test- Retest
    International testing
    Remote user testing

    Multi-dimensional evaluation

    Ergonomic Expertise
    Brand positioning
    Proof of Concept
    Ergonomics web, mobile, touch
    Navigation & Information Architecture
    User Experience
    Graphic design

    Re-design & Correction

    Mock-ups & Wireframes
    Orientation of the best design choices
    Follow-up of re-design & re-design of sites
    Sprints designs

    Panel & Logistics

    User recruitment
    Search for rare or complicated profiles
    Test Rooms
    Video recordings
    RGPD support

  • Our latest user tests


    Tests of the new website between France, England and Sweden


    Tunnel improvement
    web acquisition

    La Poste

    Testing a new solution
    of mailboxes connected


    Testing of the new control terminals

  • Fixami

     User testing in France and Belgium

    for the leading Dutch tool reseller


    User tests of new health insurance services 

    Paul Camper

     The European leader in motorhome rental


     User testing of new music services prototypes

  • Our user test rooms


    Our one-way mirror rooms
    dedicated to qualitative studies and user tests


    Our one-way mirror rooms dedicated to UX tests and weak signal studies on the German market


    Usability audit and customer care
    with our UX Design specialists
    in Australia and New Zealand


    Recruitment and user expectations digging
    with our English partners who specialize in User Research

  • Our differentiators

    Psychologists & Usability Specialists

    Only professionals

    Tests built and conducted by anyone are often built anyhow. We only employ specialists in Human Sciences that we have trained: Psychologists, Sociologists, UX...

    Recruit even difficult profiles

    Our recruiters are adventurers

    Our recruiters don't just do extra work: they are used to recruiting even the most complicated profiles in a hurry. Trust us to get there.

    Central & Professional test rooms

    Logistics that work

    Anyone can rent test rooms, but when you're going to do duplex streaming with translators, all on new technologies, the logistics have to hold up. We have been working with the same test rooms for years because they are professionals and partners and not just providers.

    Not just recommendations

    More than recommendation powerpoints

    Recommendations are good, but often there is no better person than those who have taken the test and felt the users closely to follow you in the implementation in the form of a test-retest.

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