• User tests & digital usability

    Have you created an innovative new concept or are you about to make a major change in your services and need to check how it is accepted? Do you want to test a preliminary concept to see if it is a good one and not spend too much money on it for nothing? Do you want to check that minor irritants or unseen problems do not strangle the connection with users? Do you want to understand why your product no longer works as well?



    Our psychologists, ergonomists and UX specialists will organise reliable user tests for you at a reasonable cost, adapted to your needs.

  • Not just user testing, risk management


    Move beyond simple ergonomic testing

    Information architecture tests are very important to understand the small irritants that will block users in your journey, but user tests are above all an opportunity to discover how your offer works beyond the simple prototype.


    Switch to risk management

    The point of a prototype is not to test it at the end of the project: there is no point in testing it once everything has been validated. The point of a prototype is to test it early and at different phases of the project for an affordable price in order to manage the risks as early and as accurately as possible.


    Our method

    Our experts in Psychology, Ergonomics, UX and Marketing test your prototype from preliminary concepts to finished interfaces with a reliable methodology: not remote battery tests where random users administer the test themselves. Risk management requires reliable data.

  • Our expertise in user testing


    Creation of simulations

    Putting users in situations

    Construction of test scenarios

    Sampling of good test populations

    Identification of critical points

    Strategic vision of the changes to be made

    Test- Retest

    International testing

    Remote user testing

    Multi-dimensional assessment

    Ergonomic Expertise

    Brand positioning

    Concept validation

    Web, mobile and touch ergonomics

    Navigation & Information Architecture

    User experience

    Graphic design

    Re-conception & Correction

    Mock-ups & Wireframes


    Orientation of the best design choices

    Follow-up of re-design & re-design of sites

    Design sprints

    Panel & Logistics

    User recruitment
    Test Rooms
    Remote testing
    Converting Research into Design




  • Our latest studies


    Tests of the new website between France, England and Sweden


    Improvement of the web

    acquisition tunnel

    La Poste

    Test of a new solution

    connected mailbox solution


    Testing the new ordering terminals

  • Fixami

    User testing in France and Belgium

    for the leading Dutch tool manufacturer


    User tests of new mutual services

    Paul Camper

    The European leader in motorhome rental


    User testing of new service prototypes

  • Our user tests rooms around the world


    Our one-way mirror rooms

    dedicated to quality studies to understand

    of customer needs


    Our one-way mirror rooms dedicated to UX testing and weak signals in the German market


    Ergonomic audit and customer focus

    with our partners,

    UX Design specialists

    in Australia and New Zealand


    Recruitment and user expectations

    with our English experts

    of User Research

  • Our differentiators

    Psychologists & Usability specialists

    Only professionals

    Tests built and conducted by anyone are often done in the wrong way. We only use specialists in Human Sciences that we have trained: Psychologists, Sociologists, UX...

    Recruit even difficult profiles

    Our recruiters are backpackers

    Our recruiters don't just make up the numbers: they are used to recruiting even the most complicated profiles in a hurry. Trust us to get the job done.

    Central & Professional Test Rooms

    Logistics that work

    Anyone can rent test rooms but when you are going to do duplex streaming with translators, all on new technologies, the logistics have to hold up. We have been working with the same test rooms for years because they are professionals and partners and not just providers.

    Not just recommendations

    More than just powerpoints of recommendations

    Recommendations are fine, but often there is no one better than those who have carried out the test and felt the users closely to follow you in the implementation in the form of test-retest.

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