• Fast & Fresh


    The Human Sciences Strategy Agency.

    When you lost the thread, we help you (re)-connect to your consumers.

    User Research, Consumer Strategy, UX, Usability


  • What we do

    As a client, you regularly work with all the major agencies.


    They all have great references - often the same - and they more or less use the same methods (Consumer Insights, Persona, Brainstormings, UX...)


    Now, let us be frank.

    Either they sell you for years the same User Tests and Qualitative Studies that teach you nothing new about your users. In the end, you just get a list of random issues that do not help you predict and connect to consumers' behaviors.


    Or you end up for the umpteenth time with a hype fluorescent purple interface that is absolutely gorgeous but does not engage users. Because these agencies focus on graphic design without thinking about service mechanics. Indeed, thinking the service mechanics is the hardest part. It cannot be done of the side of the desk. You need the right tools to build up a relevant strategy.


    So what do we do differently at Fast & Fresh?

  • Science

    We are scientists. For real. We are Psychologists & Sociologists that studied Experimental Science in the best French Universities.


    We base our strategic decisions on sound Scientific Researches and Valid Experiments.


    We do not use focus groups and other techniques well known for their severe flaws and their lack of theoretical foundation.


    We refuse the rule of thumb: a propper strategy cannot be based on trying to vaguely guess what will happen.


    Our Strategists help you build a Comprehensive Vision of your battle field.


    We are not satisfied with merely giving you bits and pieces and leaving you alone to face the problems.


    Our passion is to investigate and understand the heart of the matter.


    Not to provide you with repetitive recipes that are temporarily fashionable.


    The true soul of design is to be revolutionary.


    The true soul of design is platonist: your product must be beautiful AND good.


    Because the true job of the Designer is not to sell products.


    It is to heal. It is to solve problems.


    To help people emancipate and make better choices.


    And that is how you will build a better brand: by helping people grow up. That is why they will respect you and they will love you.