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    Since 2009, we help decision-makers deal with uncertainty.


    Our Psychologists, Sociologists and User Researchers will help you understand the real needs of users to build bridges with them, not walls.


    Our specialists in Innovation and Acquisition Strategy will help you understand in depth the battles you are fighting in order to imagine truly useful services.


    Our UX designers, UI designers, Web designers, Print designers, Illustrators, Motion designers, Photographers, Developers... will help you give shape to your vision.

  • Our Digital & Retail Expertise

    Understand your users

    Online Surveys
    Psychology / Sociology of uses & Prospective
    User Research
    Listening to customers & Measuring satisfaction
    Emerging trends & weak signals
    Scientific experiments
    International studies
    Test logistics (panels, recruitment...)

    Launch new concepts

    Search for grants
    Study of needs & expectations / Market research
    Exploration of new market segments
    Exploration of new product lines
    Testing of commercial and communication offers
    Detection of opportunities & weaknesses of the competition
    Design of new services
    Modeling / Prototyping
    Link to incubators

    Invent new services & innovate

    Statistical data analysis (Online surveys & Data)
    Research & Understanding of user needs
    Diagnosis of market usage
    Construction of innovation strategies
    Axiomatic & Disruption axes
    Engagement design
    Ethical & fair design possibilities
    Modeling & Prototyping
    Concept testing

    Acquire customers

    Expertise of existing acquisition paths
    Implementation of acquisition strategies (AARRR)
    Listening to the customer on the keywords used
    Creation of storytelling
    Online advertising campaigns (SEA, Linkedin, Instagram, Programmatic...)
    Mailing campaigns
    Ergonomic / UX / SEO expertise of landing pages
    Creation of conversion landing pages

    Design Web & Mobile Services

    Usability audits
    Design thinking & Sprint design
    User personas
    User journeys / User paths
    Mechanics of engagement
    Service page trees
    Ergonomics & UX
    Macro-architecture & Wireframes
    Graphic design & Art direction
    User testing
    Web & Mobile Development

    Against neuromarketing

    Place & Importance of the human being in innovation logics
    Search for bright patterns in serving users
    Innovation through Human Sciences
    Effectiveness of ethical practices
    Psychology & Listening to customers
    User Research & UX Design


    Training with Gobelins
    Training with IONIS education group

  • Our luxury clients

    Some examples of clients for whom we have conducted User research, Strategy and UX Design in the field of luxury

    Christian Dior

    Customer studies on new beauty & cosmetic routines
    of French customers


    User research and strategic elements to assist the design of the Chanel.com website


    User research to understand how to transcribe the luxury store experience online

    Jaeger LeCoultre

    Consumer study on the traceability of fine watches and the need for expertise

  • Our retail & E-Commerce clients

    Some examples of clients for whom we have conducted User research, Strategy and UX Design in the field of Retail & E-Commerce


    Organization of synchronized user tests between France, England and Sweden to support new user decoration strategies


    Consumer study & Card sorting on the Leclerc Drive structure to help users find their way

    Leader Santé

    Usage and strategy study on the digitalization of pharmacies and customer follow-up needs


    Usage study on cooking practices
    & learning about downdraft cooktops

  • Orange

    Usage study on cooking practices
    User research & strategy on learning and user needs in terms of connected TV and associated social networks


    Usage study on cooking practices
    Understanding user needs in the relationship with brokers and strategic impact on online SCPI sales

    La Poste

    User tests on the digitization of mail services


    Research on the needs of VSEs/SMEs in terms of digitalization to exist on the French market and strategy of .fr services to create

  • Our insurance clients

    Some examples of clients for whom we have conducted User research, Strategy and UX Design in the field of Insurances


    Usage study + Strategy to change the range of travel insurance products so that they really serve the users

    Euler Hermes

    User Research & Construction of a new service to help small businesses avoid bankruptcy due to non-payment


    User research + Strategy for cab and VTC insurance and the liberal professions


    Consumer behavior and usage strategy for pension and retirement contracts for business owners

  • Our entertainment clients

    Some examples of clients for whom we have conducted User research, Strategy and UX Design in the field of Entertainment


    Usage study on the deep nature of music
    & the improvement of listening offers


    Customer study on the reading needs of families and children


    Online survey (segmentation + discovery of new targets)
    & User research on the needs of event professionals


    Fundamental research & scientific conferences on board game foresight and players' strategies

  • Our Travel, Tourism & Leisure clients

    Some examples of clients for whom we have conducted User research, Strategy and UX Design in the field of Travel & Tourism

    AccorHotel Jo&Joe

    User research and strategic positioning
    of the new hotel brand of the


    User research on the travel needs of French and Arab ultra-luxury targets


    Understanding the differences in user needs for short and long hauls and the impact on e-commerce bookings

    UCPA SportStation

    User research & strategic positioning
    of the new brand of sports complexes of the UCPA group
    to bring users back to sports practice

  • Our automotive & mobility clients

    Some examples of clients for whom we have conducted User research, Strategy and UX Design in the field of Automotive & Mobility


    Research and Strategy on the needs of customers
    in search of new and used cars

    En Voiture Simone

    Customer study & strategic positioning to help young users to complete their license

    Malakoff-Mederick + PSA + Simplon

    Workshops on the uses and challenges of new mobility for people excluded from employment


    User research and strategy on the Norauto pass
    to help users repair their car even in case of
    in case of major technical problems

  • Press & Customer Reviews

    Harvard Business Review, Challenges, le Figaro, 20mn talk about our achievements


    Read the Harvard Business Review, Challenges and Le Figaro article on how we helped Marie-Suzanne Locqueneux think about the service strategy of the new AccorHotels brand

    UCPA SportStation

    The interview on the construction of the new UCPA sports complexes which aim to bring sport and health back into your daily life

    Epitech Digital

    The article in the newspaper 20 mn where we talk about our students and how we teach them to respect users who can never be reduced to simple consumers

  • The key accounts we work with explain how help them succeed.

  • How we do it



    Today, everyone claims to be a "User Researcher" just like everyone used to claim to be a "UX Designer". We are Psychologists and Sociologists, the ethical understanding of users has been our job for 150 years, we are the only ones to have a real degree to do that. And we are attached to a National Scientific Research Laboratory.



    Strategy is not strategic planning or graphic design or UX Strategy. Without a deep vision of your market and the ability to understand the decisive options, you are going nowhere and your product is doomed to failure. Go beyond tactical products and communication leaflets.



    Design cannot be reduced to a 20mn quick cooking recipe. The soul of Design is to be revolutionary. The soul of Design is to care. The soul of Design is to give people a degree of latitude, to emancipate them, to give them elements of choice, to heal them. It's because you're going to help your consumers that they will stay.

  • Understand your users much more deeply

    You need to understand the needs and expectations of users to make foresight, identify weak signals, identify emerging trends and understand the behaviors of your consumers. Classical consumer studies (interviews, focus groups, UX tests...) do not give you satisfaction or you do not know what to do with the results. Your customer listening is stagnating and surveys, "mystery" field visits and other "empathy maps" are getting you nowhere. It's time to call on expert consultants, Psychologists and Sociologists, able to understand and help users with new testing methods that will give you the keys to new innovation and breakthrough strategies, both in digital and retail.

    We carry out the classics: online surveys, ergonomic audits, user tests, ethnographic studies, mock-up and wireframe tests...

    But above all, we carry out value-added tests: customer usage mapping, prospective tests, psychology experimentation, iconic tests, care tests, constrained tests...

    Cartographie des Usages

    Tests iconiques

    Tests contraints

    Expérimentations Scientifiques

  • International user research

    Through the projects carried out for our major customers, we have built up a network of partners capable of carrying out user tests all over the world. We cover key countries such as France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, the United States, Australia, Singapore and Dubai. If your project has an international stature, we can help you.

    Paris, London, Frankfort, Madrid, Rome

    Test rooms, User Research, UX analysis, User tests

    Dubai, Ryad, Cairo

    Test rooms, User Research, UX analysis, User tests


    Test rooms, User Research, UX analysis, User tests

    Mexico, Rio, Sao Paulo

    Test rooms, User Research, UX analysis, User tests

  • Exceed your current and misleading statistics

    Do you need to ensure your acquisition strategies, your e-commerce strategies or simply your ability to dialogue and help your users? Our statisticians in Human Sciences are graduates of ENSAE (INSEE) and whose masters are the cracks of the discipline. They will help you to better understand the profiles and needs of your consumers, to detect unsuspected targets and to base your persona on scientific and tangible data rather than romanticize them with a raised finger.

    Go beyond the universe of descriptive statistics that you are currently using and that mislead you to move on to correlative, causal and predictive statistics tests to identify new levers for action.

    On the other hand, once you understand how people function, you can build the right measurement indicators. We can help you set up the key probes to measure the reliability of your product, its social impact and its real usefulness beyond simple conversion figures.

    Statistiques descriptives

    KHI2 & PEMs

    Tests corrélatifs


  • A breakthrough strategy, the real thing

    Marketing Directors, Innovation Directors and Communication Directors, you sincerely want to make a good product for your customers, so you can no longer be satisfied with low-level graphical answers. It's up to you to understand the issues thoroughly and make the right decisions.

    We have helped Allianz, Samsonite, Aramisauto, AccorHotels, UCPA... to review their service strategy.
    But most of all, we know how to make the transition between User Research, Strategy and Design: the worst thing that can happen for you is to do a long work of User Research and Product Strategy and then see all your efforts ruined when it comes time to move to UX / UI. We help you to keep the marrow of your thinking.

    Don't start your design sprints blind anymore. Don't make any more websites or services without knowing where you're going.



    Engagement Mechanisms

    Design Sprint, AD, UX, Prototyping, UI