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  • Do you need market research?

    Do you have a project in mind and want to get started?

    Do you want to check whether your idea is a good one and is going to be a hit?


    Do you want to understand how users will perceive your service?

    Do you need the data to be able to form certainties

    and talk to your investors and banker?


    Then you've come to the right place.

  • Market research & internationalisation

  • Nous vous fournissons plus que des données : une conviction


    Get away from quantitative market research

    The majority of studies available on the market are quantitative studies that simply describe, in percentage terms, behaviours that you already suspected: "people tend to buy bread before meals and cakes at the weekend". It's not very useful.


    Forgez-vous une conviction

    What you really need is not numbers: you need to understand the user mechanics to know whether or not you can be of service to them. They will only buy from you if your service is real, useful and usable.


    Our method

    Our psychologists, sociologists and marketing experts are human science specialists who will carry out field studies and prototype studies to anticipate whether or not your product connects with users' needs. In this way, you can form your own convictions and pivot if necessary.

  • We can help you make sense of your market research

    If you want to launch an innovative service, set up your own shop or diversify,

    you need sound advice and guidance. Otherwise you risk burning your cash and hitting the wall by making the wrong decisions.

    Analysis of your sector and your competitors

    Trends, outlook, key figures

    Competitor structure

    Perception of competitors

    Products on the market

    Latest innovations in the sector

    Areas of competitive differentiation

    Regulatory environment

    Specific tax provisions

    Acquisition opportunities

    Sales forecast assumptions

    Drawing up a business plan

    Defining your targets

    Qualitative research & Field observations

    Quantitative research Data mining & Segmentation

    User profiling & Personae

    Definition of priority targets

    Target or product pivot

    Customer needs & motivations

    Risks of rejection

    Catchment area & Distribution

    Customer pathways to be planned

    Market regularity/seasonality

    Qualification of markets

    Finalising your service offering

    Existing marketing audit

    Ergonomic audit

    Mystery audit

    Brand platform & Communication

    Positioning the sales pitch

    Communication strategy

    Functional specifications

    Design of your web service

    Website & Mobile

    User testing

    Validation of your commercial offers

    Brand awareness and image survey

    Semantic analysis

    Testing of new products & ranges

    Testing commercial offers

    Testing advertising messages

    Assessment of customer interest

    Test panels

    Recruitment of users

    International research (Europe, USA, Asia, Middle East)

  • Our latest studies

    Our market research has enabled our clients to launch innovative new products, diversify into new markets, develop new offensive strategies in declining markets and expand their business in France and abroad.


    Use & adoption of automatic irrigation systems for large farms

    En Voiture Simone

    Adoption & rejection of online licence offers

    The Retouch

    Analysis of the online clothing alterations market

    Nu Vel

    New needs of people cycling in town

  • Leader Santé

    Market analysis of young mothers using parapharmaceuticals

    99 déco

    Etude de marché sur la décoration d'intérieur


    Understanding the photo printing market and the dynamics of consumer loyalty


    Perception of the website and identification of drivers' new needs

  • The benefits of our market research

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    Reliable data to underpin your strategy

    And don't get involved in uncertainty

    When you start out, you have a good idea.

    You invest time, money and resources, but you never know whether your idea will really work or whether you'll end up out of pocket.

    And there aren't usually many people around to advise you.

    Fast & Fresh is there to fill this gap: our specialists gather and build the data that will enable you to rationally assess the reliability of your project, its relevance to consumer needs and the appropriateness of its location.

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    4 scientific techniques

    To bring you the usage data that is hardest to obtain

    • Documentary studies: to avoid reinventing the wheel, collect all the key figures and trends and draw up an overview of your business sector
    • Field surveys to understand the needs of your users and qualify their demand
    • Quantitative studies to verify your hypotheses and quantify market demand
    • Statistical analysis by experts in Human Sciences and Marketing to give you the keys to leveraging your market.
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    Experts to guide you

    4 types of experts at your service

    To help you, we call on 4 types of specialists:


    • Specialists in human sciences and consumer research (psychologists, sociologists, etc.) to better understand the needs of your users and your market.
    • Acquisition strategy specialists to build and develop a useful and profitable service offering
    • Communication specialists to publicise your offer and avoid waiting in vain for customers to show up
    • Designers and developers to help you create your website or mobile application if you don't already have one
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    A law firm specialising in innovation

    To anticipate regulatory problems and find subsidies

    Fast & Fresh works with one of the best law firms and accountants specialising in innovation.

    Our lawyers can help you anticipate the regulatory framework for your business.

    They can also help you to obtain subsidies and funding, sometimes even to carry out your market research.

    They are also specialists in drawing up business plans.

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    • If we can do it for the big ones, we can do it for the little ones.
    • Fast & Fresh has been in business for almost 15 years
    • We work with major accounts such as Allianz, Euler Hermes, AccorHotel, UCPA, etc.
    • Our experts are used to working in a wide variety of fields (industry, leisure, luxury goods, entertainment, travel, retail, etc.)
    • We use only scientific techniques to ensure the validity of our results and provide you with the right strategic guidance
    • We can work in France and abroad
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    Affordable prices

    Because for you, money is the sinews of war

    • Prices for our studies start from 4500 euros excluding VAT.
    • In certain cases, we can help you to find subsidies
    • We can arrange payment facilities
    • You will receive a quote within 48 hours, or more directly if you call us.
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    We make it happen

    We help you design your services

    The vast majority of market research agencies leave you with a powerpoint presentation that you have to convert into a service idea yourself.

    As a strategy and design agency, Fast & Fresh can help you design your service, build your website or mobile application and build your acquisition channels to create an operational service ready to go to market.

  • Our blog articles with our VSE/SME partners

    We regularly publish blog articles and studies with our VSE/SME partners.

    Some of the insights we develop can already help you make decisions.

  • Do you need help?

    Do you have any questions? Do you need any help?

    Please contact us.