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  • Would you like to audit your website or application? 

    Do you have doubts about the performance of your website or mobile application?

    Do you feel that your site or application is slow and not very usable?

    Are your shopping paths blocked or driving users away?

    And do you generally feel that you're neglecting your image?


    In one week, we test and analyse the technical, ergonomic, UX and SEO aspects of your services to help you optimise them.

  • Our expertise in website & application audits

    Technical Audit

    Audit of content loading speeds

    Audit of the technical performance of your site or application

    Link between customer experience and technical performance

    Usability & UX Audit

    Audit of user journeys

    Audit of purchasing tunnels

    Matching customer needs to the customer journey

    Customer pain points in the visit process

    Detection of customer experience deficits

    Detection of customer experience strengths to be reinforced

    Psychological diagnosis of usage problems

    Content audit

    Comparison of customer profiles and available content

    Checking the usefulness of content

    Checking the readability of content

    Checking narrative construction

    Check that users understand your brand identity

    Rewriting of texts to highlight your brand

    SEO audit

    Installation and configuration of your Google Analytics

    Bringing your site into line with Google (Tags, broken URLs, duplicate content)

    Catching up with competitors (Https, server performance, site loading speed, website structure, URLs, Tags, Meta-descriptions, content hierarchy, image weight, etc.)

    Outperforming the competition (positioning of key site expressions, creation of referenced content, backlinks, etc.)

    SEO tracking dashboards

  • How do our website & application audits work?


    Your brief

    We meet with you to listen, to understand your business, your challenges, your objectives and your problems. Together, we map out the tests and experts you'll need to turn things around.


    Our experts

    Depending on your needs, our technical, SEA, SEO, ergonomics, UX, UI, interface or content & design and writing experts will take over to assess your strengths and weaknesses.


    Our recommandations

    Within a week to a fortnight, we'll give you an assessment of your website or mobile application and work with you to prioritise the areas that need to be addressed in order to rapidly improve your services.

  • Our customers' opinions


    "Olivier et son équipe ont diagnostiqué les incohérences entre les profils utilisateurs et les parcours clients afin de nous permettre de gagner des points de conversion sur le web et sur nos applications mobiles."


    "Fast & Fresh was able to support us both during the user workshops to rebuild our services and in the analysis of the existing situation and the expertise of our services".


    "Fast & Fresh helped us a lot when we launched our business to understand our strategy and the gaps in our interfaces."

    99 Déco

    "Fast & Fresh analyses user habits very well. Happy with the study."

    Led's chat

    "Fast & Fresh was able to draw up an overview of the uses of our products and assess the strengths and weaknesses of both our physical and digital interfaces".

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