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  • Scientific Research & Foresight

    Are you interested in foresight? Are you approaching an emerging market and need to understand what's at stake? Do you need a scientific approach to your foresight based on studies and facts? Do you need to anticipate the broad outlines and major trends that are going to play out? Do you need to separate fantasy from reality to get to the heart of phenomena and their dynamics?


    We are partners with a number of human science and innovation laboratories, and we can provide a framework for your academic research to make it practical, readable, effective and worthwhile.

    All within an ethical framework.

  • Move from brainstorming to a genuine innovation approach


    Sortez des habituels brainstorming d'innovation

    Brainstorming and focus groups are not real innovation methods. All the scientific studies on the subject show that these methods only result in warmed-over ideas that any company could have had.


    Scientific research

    Only scientific research can get to the heart of phenomena and separate the true from the false in order to anticipate the behaviour and dynamics of systems.


    Our Method

    Les scientifiques et les doctorants du laboratoire Montpellier 3, IFA Foundry & IONIS (Epita / Epitech) vous aident à construire une vraie démarche d'innovation basée sur des faits et des études. Nous les encadront pour nous assurer que toutes les pièces du puzzle s'emboîtent pour vous mener à des résultats prospectifs.

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    When perceptions of nature are distorted counterproductive


    Auditory memorisation of domain names

  • Scientific research use cases

    Conducted with the Psychology Laboratory

    Why are negative emotions important in games?

    Our partners and former professors from the Laboratoire de Psychologie Epsylon Montpellier 3 will explain the importance of negative emotions during a conference with Asmodée, the international leader in board games.

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