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  • Create my website

    Have you just opened your company and need to quickly create a website that is not only beautiful but also commercially effective and that will help you launch your business?


    Or do you find that your website has become outdated and is gathering dust in the face of the competition and you want to give it a facelift?


    We can help you build a website that not only looks good and is 100% customisable, but above all makes customers want to know about and buy your products.

  • We can help you create your company website

    Whether you're an individual, a business, a liberal profession, an association or an institution, we can help you create a website tailored to your needs, your schedule and your budget.


    A website for your business


    Showcase website

    Blogs & Wordpress

    Online shop

    Website for companies and the self-employed

    Corporate website & for associations

    Booking website

    E-learning website



    Brand image

    Definition of a brand name

    Reserving domain names

    Creation of professional emails

    Content creation


    Photoshoots & buying images

    Social network integration

    Community management

    Conception & Design

    Stratégie de contenu


    Logo & Identité de marque

    Graphisme & Direction artistique

    Polices de caractères

    Architecture d'information


    Expérience Utilisateur (UX)

    Web design

    Technical & Logistics

    Web & mobile site development

    Website technical performance

    Website maintenance & security

    Back office & Support

    Connecting APIs (Visa, Security, Insurance, etc.)

    Integration of third-party applications (CRM, Hubspot, Zapier, Hotjar, Caendly, etc.)

    Integration of third-party monitoring tools (Google analytics, etc.)

    SEO structure & Google referencing best practices



    References: Apanage


    We created the Apanage luxury concierge service website.




    We helped Swiss jeweller Rhomber explore new graphic territory in order to rebrand its brand and its top-of-the-range website in line with a Maty positioning.




    We created the website for Octopulse, our SEA partner.




    We helped Genobs, specialists in innovative plumbing tools for homeowners and professionals, refresh and rebrand its image.




    We created the website for the Parisian hair salon specialising in curly, frizzy, mixed-race and textured hair.


    One punch video


    We have created the website of Stéphane Dumesgnil, up-and-coming video editor :)

  • The advantages of our website creation service

    Are you comparing website design packages and wondering what we can offer you that the others can't? We'll explain.

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    Solutions tailored to your budget and schedule

    Are you on a tight budget? Do you have a more comfortable budget with higher ambitions? Do you need to get your website up and running quickly, or do you want to take the time to build things up? Do you want a simple brochure site or a site with animations and more advanced technical features (e-commerce, sales platform, etc.)? Whatever the case, we have solutions for you: from a site based on a CMS to fully bespoke development, we know how to do both front and back office work, and we'll be able to help you with all your different types of project.

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    Do you want concrete results? You're going to have to work on the substance

    Most online website building services (CMS) promise that you can build your own website in less than 5 minutes. What are they not telling you? They give you an interface and you have to work out your own logo, layout and, above all, content. Content is at the heart of a website, it's the most difficult thing to do and above all it's the most critical thing in commercial terms: it's what's going to attract and retain your customers... or not. If you want customers, you have to take care of the content. And that's our speciality.

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    Do you want your site to be eye-catching? You'll also need to take care with the design.

    Without help, the CMS on the market will allow you to create a site, but the result is generally not very professional. For example, you need to pack wordpress with plugins and themes to make it look acceptable. On the other hand, CMS on the market are sometimes rather limited in terms of possibilities. You can't do custom layouts or animations. For our part, we either develop bespoke solutions or we use CMS that can be customised and are therefore more flexible.

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    Back office & fast, personalised support

    Our technical team, based in France, will provide you with free, rapid assistance with any in-depth questions you may have about creating your website.

    Each request is dealt with individually and personalised by message in less than 48 hours. In addition, a chatbot answers your questions and advises you on best web practices 24/7.

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    Payment facilities

    We know that launching your business is difficult. We can help you spread out the payments so that your launch is financially bearable.

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    Positioned first on your Google queries

    The websites we create use the best SEO practices for Google and other search engines (, Alt, Schema, etc.). What's more, our CMS are scalable and allow you to update your marketing content regularly to gain positions and visitors. We also check the technical aspects of the site (loading time, technical optimisation, etc.) to ensure that Google doesn't penalise you for details.

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    Web & Mobile versions

    Today, the majority of consumers visit your site via mobile and even Google pays more attention to the mobile version of your service than to the desktop version when it references and rates you. Mobile has become essential. We'll help you develop your website on desktop and mobile thanks to our responsive technologies.

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