• Graphic design, UI
    and Luxury illustration

  • Graphic positioning

    Graphic positioning of brand & Values
    Definition of the visual identity of the brand
    Capitalization on the history of the brand
    Universe, graphic charter, typography
    Storytelling & Storyboarding

    Various options

    Website & Mobile Site
    Showcase window
    Landing page
    Social network content
    Advertising banners
    Illustrations & Storyboards

    ++ Skills

    Motion Design
    Graphic & Visual Experimentation


    Validation of graphic design concepts

    Pre-testing of brand positioning
    Graphic design-centric user tests
    Iconic tests


  • An example of our expertise in luxury illustration + motion design

  • An example of our know-how in website showcase + Motion Design

  • A few examples of our know-how in e-commerce prototyping

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  • The Sprint design team

    (We couldn't put everyone:)

    DA & UX : Flora


    DA résidente

    Flora is probably one of the DA's we prefer to work with. In addition to being smart and sharp, Flora has a fresh and vital paw that makes any project instantly trendy.


    DA résident

    Antony is a haute couture DA, specialized in sleek interfaces and elegant and flexible animations. Antony has even partnered with its own development studio specialized in front end to make sure everything is perfect. For example, he designed the Octopulse website.

    DA & UX : Brian


    DA / UX Expert

    Brian is one of our alumni. Trained by us in both UX and Graphic Design, top of his class, Brian has proven to be so good that our clients have often retained him alone in front of large established agencies. We kept him.

    DA & Motion Design : Xavier


    Motion Designer

    Xavier is one of the best Motion Designers in Paris. We regularly collaborate on luxury projects. Xavier now teaches with us at Sup'internet, the school for high potentials of the Web.

    Expert en développement & UX : Jolicode



    experts in Development

    Created in 2003 by 2 Télécom PARIS engineers, Indigen is a digital engineering agency specialized in the fullstack production of multi-channel web and mobile platforms for major accounts such as Nespresso, Chanel, Dior, L'Oreal, Axa or Orange.

    Expert SEO : Octopulse


    Octopulse, SEO Experts

    Originally, Octopulse is one of our clients who is so good at SEO that we partnered with them. Their website : octopulse.io