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  • Art direction, Web & e-commerce graphics,

    Visual identity & Branding

    You didn't come here looking for a new logo, typography or graphic charter. Any talented freelancer, and there are many, can help you create them.


    What you're really looking for here is a new face to present to the world.

    An aesthetic, an emotion, a style, a spirit. Something that says who you are, conveys who you are and doesn't give you away. A skin to put on that shows all the good things you can do.

    A deep story to tell.


    You've come to the right place.

  • Our graphic design and art direction expertise

    Some examples of the skills of our graphic designers & D.A.

    Visual brand positioning

    Brand positioning & Universe

    Brand Storytelling & Narration

    Brand vertex identification

    Art direction & Visual identity

    Logo, typography, graphic charter


    Brand dressing

    User tests on brand identity


    Web & E-commerce graphics

    Benchmark of graphic trends on the market

    Graphic moodboards for your site

    Graphic identity for communication sites

    Graphic identity for e-commerce site



    Animations & Motion Design

    Creative UI


    Design systems

    Social networks Branding

    Graphic identity for social networks

    Graphic templates for posts and stories

    Visual layout of social network accounts

    Branding for social shops

    Creation of product packaging for social shops

    Customised illustrations for websites & posts

    Creation of infographics







    Print communication media

    Posters & Stickers


    Leaflets, booklets & Brochures


    Decoration of stands and premises

    Illustrations for presentations and reports

    Corporate stationery

    Live Sketching

  • Our visual identities in motion

    Creation of the Apanage website
    The ultra-luxury Parisian concierge service
    Creation of the Rhomberg website
    The leading Swiss jeweller of wedding rings in the Saxon markets
    Creation of the Octopulse website
    The SEA / SEO agency that introduced automation in France
    Creation of the Jaji website
    The Klesia Group's latest social and solidarity-based mutual insurance company
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