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  • Luxury, fashion, comics & print illustrations

    Do you need to add some poetry to your projects?

    Do you need illustrations to enhance the graphic impact of a website or mobile application?

    Do you want to better communicate your message to generations Y & Z in pictorial form?

    Do you want to ditch your boring corporate reports for an illustrated magazine?

    Do you need illustrations for packaging or motion design?



    Then you've come to the right place.

  • Our expertise in illustration

    Just a few examples of our illustrators' skills.

    Illustrations for the web

    Defining the illustrative universe for your brand

    Narration & Storytelling of illustrations

    Trend boards & mood boards

    Creation of personalised illustrations

    Rapid construction of illustrations from existing elements

    2D & 3D illustrations

    Motion design & Animation

    Integration of illustrations into your websites & mobile applications

    Illustrations for print

    Posters, Stickers, flyers & Promotional material

    Magazines & Newspapers

    Books & Comics

    Fashion illustration


    Wall murals


    Illustration techniques




    Watercolours & Gouaches

    Oil & Acrylic



    Aerosol & Street art

    Digital drawing

    Digital composition

    Partnerships & Talents

    Spotting new talent

    Spotting new trends

    Search for illustrators with the right touch for your project

    Negotiating with agents

    Co-branding with illustrators

    Project management if you are not used to working with illustrators


  • Luxury illustrations, Coats of arms & Heraldry

    Present your projects, features or customers in this section.

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    The Apanage lion, gateway to travel.


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    The gateway to distant lands.


    broken image

    Exceptional lunches.


    broken image

    Private trips.


  • Canvas & Frescoes

    Wall frescoes and canvases created for retail clients or wall decorations.

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    broken image

    The Grands Crus trail.


  • Paintings & Watercolours

    Paintings for Swarovski headquarters. Oil, swarovski crystals, earth, stones.

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    Planète rouge. Huile, terres, pierres, clefs.


    broken image

    Planètes bleues. Huile, terres, pierres, clefs.


    broken image

    Détail. Huile, terres, pierres, clefs.


  • Digital illustrations for websites

    Illustrations for the website of Jaji, a subsidiary of the Klesia group.

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    Illustration "ensemble".


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    Illustration "Les dinausores de l'assurance".


    broken image

    Illustration "Nous vivons ensemble".


    broken image

    Illustration "Nous ne sommes pas des moutons".


  • Illustrated books & comics

    Illustrated comic strip for the seminars of a major insurance brand

    broken image

    Livret séminaire.


    broken image

    Livret séminaire.


    broken image

    Livret séminaire.


  • Iconography & Characters

    Quelques exemples d'icônes & personnages réalisés pour des clients santé.

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    Icônes pour la mutuelle Jaji.


    broken image

    Personnages pour les présentations Organon.


    broken image

    Personnages pour les présentations Organon.


  • Illustrations de Packaging

    Illustrations for an innovative plumbing tool that's complicated to explain.

    broken image

    Le plombier Genobs


    broken image

    Dévissage du lavabo.


    broken image

    L'installation du produit


  • Planches dessinées & Boîtes de jeux

    Present your projects, features or customers in this section.

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    Le voleur de clefs.


    broken image

    Le temple maudit.


  • Do you need help?

    We can answer your questions and give you advice.