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  • Online surveys & questionnaires

    Do you want to know your target precisely? Do you want to get out of the fog of partial and insufficient data? Do you want to base your strategic decisions on the right segmentations and personas? We are here to help you reconnect with your users' needs.


    Our psychologists, sociologists and statisticians will help you build your segmentations, usage surveys, opinion surveys, satisfaction surveys, market studies and social barometers in order to go further than flat studies.

  • Online surveys & customer segmentation

    How do our methods differ and help you to understand more.

  • Move from collecting data to making it talk


    Sortir des segmentations froides

    Writing a questionnaire that is effective, unbiased and to the point is never easy, recruiting users is always complex and the answers often turn out to be flat and not helpful for action or decision making.


    Make your data talk

    You have to change your mind: the purpose of a survey is never to ask questions. Anyone can write 10 questions on the fly in a Google sheet or in a SurveyMonkey. The point of a questionnaire is to make the data talk.


    Notre méthode

    Our Human Sciences experts, the only real experts in user behaviour, will help you choose the best data collection technique, help you build a reliable survey and, above all, get your results across so you can turn them into concrete action.

  • Our online survey services

    User Search & Marketing

    Segmentations & Profiling
    Understanding of user needs
    Search for unseen or hidden targets
    Market Research
    Brand positioning
    Coupling tracking - uses - satisfaction


    Search for event concept leads
    Evaluation of the willingness of guests to travel
    A posteriori evaluation of an event
    RSVP readjustment


    Training needs & Employee feedback
    Employee Expectations & Exasperations
    Mobilization of employees around key themes
    Creation of indicators

    Customer panel

    Access to our user panel
    Assistance in setting up a proprietary panel
    Recruitment campaigns for panelists
    Automatic participant compensation
    Avoidance of redundancies and conflicts between projects
    Online survey infrastructure (software & consulting)

  • Our last study

    A national survey conducted with the Tours University

    to better understand why people get fooled by fake news

    Jérémie Nicey, researcher at the Tours University

    explains the VIJIE Project against fake news

    On TV Tours Val-de-Loire

    broken image

    Julien Giry, PhD in political science at the Tour University

    about the dynamics of fake news

    You can listen to the 3 podcasts on fréquence 3

  • Our differentiators

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    Methodological reliability

    A questionnaire can not be uberized

    Companies that sell questionnaire software make their living by using you: they sell software on a large scale at no cost to them and they pass on all the tedious labor work to you. They make you believe that doing a survey is reduced to typing a few questions in an editor to be amazed at the end of the study in front of pretty graphs and personalized reports. Unfortunately, since you are not specialists in Psychology or Statistics, the data you collect are very often biased and you will pay quite a price for your strategic mistakes.

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    Multi-channel broadcasting

    E-mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Social Networks...

    We can disseminate your online survey in the traditional way (on your website or by mailing) but we can also take advantage of new means of communication: sms, messaging applications, social networks, live chat ...

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    Multilingual questionnaires

    With our translation services

    Do your questionnaires need to be distributed in different countries? Our translation agencies are able to translate your questionnaires into most languages under the supervision of a Psychologist or Sociologist who will ensure that translation bias is minimized.

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    Usability & Sprint Design

    Convert data into design

    The majority of research companies provide you with data, more or less correct, but none is able to help you transform the trial. Ergonomics and Sprints Design has been one of our core business for 20 years. We know how to convert studies into relevant interfaces and services and we have been doing this for years for large groups such as Allianz or Euler Hermes.

  • They trust us


    Creation of a usage segmentation
    & Search for unseen targets


    Workshops on the information intake structure of HR departments

    Euler Hermes

    Credit Risk Management

    World leader

    Université de Tours

    National Surveys
    on Fake News and misinformation

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