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  • Prospecting, growth & acquisition channels

    Do you need to set up acquisition channels but don't know how or where to start?


    Do you need to position your sales pitch: what should you say? What are your real strengths from the user's point of view? What are your weaknesses? The things that click? The irritants?


    Are your competitors doing better than you?


    Do you need to strengthen your revenue streams to stabilise your business and its growth?


    Our experts in Acquisition, Marketing and Human Sciences can help.

  • Go from I don't know how to do it and I'm afraid to I've mastered my acquisition


    Prospecting and acquiring customers is scary

    Prospecting, acquiring customers and growing is no easy task if you've never done it before. And above all, it's a scary business: going out to meet people you don't know to offer them a product you don't know if they need is never easy. But with a bit of method, anyone can do it.


    By understanding how it works, you will be autonomous

    Prospecting and acquisition are not magic: they are strategies, choices and methodical tasks that you have to learn and that you must not delegate: nobody knows better than you what needs to be done.


    Notre méthode

    Our Human Sciences experts will help you fine-tune your sales pitch. Our marketing experts will help you choose your acquisition channels. Our acquisition experts will help you build, compare and fine-tune your channels.

  • Our acquisition strategy services

    Advertising & Visibility



    Net linking

    Training in building offline visibility

    Fit to Market

    Brand positioning

    Concept positioning

    Testing the relevance of these positions

    Building bridges with users

    Building a business model

    Pivoting advice

    Ergonomic shopping tunnelsErgonomie des tunnels d'achat

    User testing

    Ergonomic expertise

    Sales process ergonomics

    Improving shopping tunnels


    Reflection on brand identity

    Building a brand narrative

    Building a product narrative

    Design and writing

  • Our differentiators

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    Rapid intervention

    Because cash burns

    We know that as a small company, you don't have a lot of resources and that being profitable is not a question of the CAC 40 but of survival. Finding your fit to market is essential to the long-term success of your project and to keeping you and your employees in business.

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    Building bridges with users

    We are Psychologists & Sociologists

    We know that bullying users or forcing them to buy nonsense doesn't work. We help you understand what they really need and what will help them move forward.

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    And partnershipsEt des partenariats

    We work hand in hand with a number of incubators and associations who will be able to give you an expert opinion or even include you in their development programme.

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    With SMEs and major groups

    While we help large groups and SMEs to rethink their acquisitions, we have a certain amount of experience in opening doors for you in terms of strategic vision.

  • Lipault, a use case in acquisition strategy

    What we did with Samsonite

    How Fast & Fresh helped Lipault (Samsonite)

    better serve its users

    Olivier Mokaddem, director of the Fast & Fresh User Research & Product Strategy agency, was interviewed about the UX work carried out for the Lipault brand at Print in Progress, the Creative Industries Showroom.

  • Our latest acquisition-focused projects


    Choosing the best fit-to-market bollard concept


    Positioning e-commerce

    most relevant


    Bridges with users

    beyond insurance bottlenecks


    Choosing the best fit-to-market navigation conceptChoix du meilleur concept fit to market de navigation

  • We can help you prospect

    You no longer have to choose between focusing on prospecting and serving your existing customers.

    We can help you set up B2B and B2C digital lead generators that allow you to focus more on your existing customers and spend less time looking for new ones.

    Sharpening your sales pitch

    Analysis of competing offers

    Understanding real consumer needs

    Customer personas and decision logic


    Identification of the most promising markets

    Identification of key sales points

    Identify reasons for evasion and rebound


    Repositioning the sales pitch

    Correct products ill-suited to sales

    Identify influencers

    Understanding existing customer bases

    Lead generators

    Identification of priority targets

    Setting up lead generators & creating traffic


    Recovery of warm prospects and qualified leads

    Improving your website referencing

    SEA acquisition campaign / Targeted advertising

    Visibility on search engines

    Programmatic advertising


    Creation of email marketing campaigns

    Creation of sms / whatsapp campaigns

    Email automation & Sequencing


    Testing sales offers and promotions

    A/B testing of acquisition levers

    Inbound marketing

    Social networks

    Analysis of competing strategies

    Development of an acquisition strategy

    Development of an editorial line and content


    Creation of social networking pages

    Quality content & impactful communications

    Advertising campaigns for social networks (instagram, facebook, linkedin...)

    Event posts: Christmas, Sales, Black Friday, etc.

    Design / Copywriting for the blog

    Analysis of the most popular posts


    Animation of communities / Community Management

    Search for influential partnerships

    Customer management tools

    Implementation of visit and conversion tracking tools

    Implementation of CRM tools


    Building sales pipelines


    User training for sales staff

    Print logistics: flyers, posters, business cards, etc.

  • Some of the customers we help with prospecting

    Whether you are a VSE, an SME or a large ETI, we can help you to better understand your customers' needs so that you can position your sales pitch effectively and amplify your communications.


    Repositioning the sales pitch for an ERP dedicated to aeronautical mechanics and factoriesRepositionnement du discours commercial d'un ERP dédié à la mécanique aéronautique et aux usines


    Systèmes d'arrosage domotiques pour grandes exploitations agricoles


    Positionnement et évaluation des campagnes de publicité sur le marché Espagnol

    One punch video

    Building a website and acquisition channels for a video editing company

  • The advantages of our prospecting

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    Not a site gathering dust, real solutions

    Most of the time, web design companies have sold you a pretty site, telling you that this will be enough to attract visitors. But what you end up with is a website that's getting old, that you don't have time to update with new content and, above all, that attracts very few visitors. As for social networks, it's hard to get more than a few likes. In short, you've been sold the restaurant but not the clientele that goes with the location. We're customer specialists.

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    Prospecting that costs you less

    Today, to prospect, you use call centres that cost you a lot of money and don't bring you many customers or unqualified prospects that you can't do anything with. Our digital advertising campaigns will act like a 24-hour sales representative, targeting hot prospects as a priority.

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    No-obligation solutions

    Most commercial solutions are not only expensive, they also require you to make a commitment for 6 months or even a year while you are still building up your turnover. Our solutions are tailored to your needs, are payable by the month and you can stop them from one month to the next.

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    We put everything on your side

    If we bring people to your web pages and your social networks but these pages are not adapted and do not convert, the operation is pointless. We'll work with you to make sure that the people we bring in find a shop that suits them.

  • Our articles on small business prospecting

    Follow the latest news from our digital, luxury, fashion and institutional clients on the Fast & Fresh blog

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