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  • Motion Design & Creative Dev

    You have a useful service, an attractive website, interesting emails and effective digital media, but you feel that they lack life, that they fail to capture the trend, that they could be funnier, more poetic and better told.


    You've come to the right place.

  • Our expertise Motion design & Creative dev

    Just a few examples of the skills of our Motion Designers & Creative Devs.

    Strategy & Scriptwriting

    Strategic positioning

    Benchmarking trends and moods

    Narration & Storytelling

    Scriptwriting & Construction of key narrative points

    Art direction, graphics & illustration

    Whiteboard, 2D, Flat motion...

    Design and writing

    Sound design & Voice-over



    Motion Design

    Motion design for animation / site enhancement

    Moving illustrations

    Service presentation

    Concept explanation / Tutorial

    Marketing, sales, e-mailing

    E-mail signatures

    Motion design for social networks


    Stories & Social networks

    Corporate data


    Creative Development

    Creative intelligence

    Project architecture

    Technical recommendations for development & maintenance

    Creative UI & native animation development

    Motion design integration & responsive management

    Compositing of different image sources

    Technical optimisation of animations

    Documentation & Code quality

    Optimising storytelling

    Identification of key story points

    User tests to check that the motion design conveys the key points of the story properly

    Improvement of the narrative

  • Cinematic motion design to immerse yourself in your world



    Do you need motion design to give volume to a site, tell a story or plunge you into a dreamlike world? Our motion designers and illustrators are here to help.


    Illustration to add poetry to your motion design


    Our illustrators can draw the plates that our motion designers animate.


    Motion design to communicate your services


    Motion design allows you to convey the spirit of your services in both form and content.


    Motion design to explain complex data


    That's the art of the image: making complex situations easy to understand without lapsing into facile sophistry.


    Motion design to explain the dynamics of a concept

    When your story can't be told all at once and users need to be drawn into your data gradually, motion design is used to reveal a thought process or a dynamic path step by step.

    Creative development to boost user interaction


    Is your website dull and drab? Do you need to liven it up and make your visitor's eyes sparkle? Our front-end and UI specialists and our graphic designers will be able to advise you on the best scenarios.



  • Do you need help?

    We'll answer your questions and give you advice.