• Our innovation services

    Service design

    Service design
    Deep understanding of the user - service relationship
    Alignment of user profiling and strategic paths
    Construction of the product outline
    Ethical design with social impact


    Identification of emerging trends and needs
    Converting research into strategy
    Creation & Positioning of new products
    Innovation strategy based on Human Sciences



    Customer acquisition strategy respecting the customer
    User Engagement Mechanisms
    Business Speech & Manifesto
    Positioning on Social Networks


    Gateways with users

    Linking company DNA - user DNA
    Content Strategy & Storytelling
    Brand Territories & Guidelines
    Training in User Psychology
    Impact of ethics

  • Jo&Joe

    The latest brand of Accor hotels for the Z generations

  • Our differentiators

    A real starting diagnosis

    Not just graphic design or advertising diagnosis

    Most of the time, when agency projects don't work, it's not that the execution is bad - agencies are execution professionals. When your projects don't work, it's often because the initial diagnosis was poorly made (or not made at all). Stop making graphic, economic or advertising diagnoses, all problems are human. Take a step up: we help you to distinguish the true from the false in problems, so that you don't waste your time solving chimeras.

    Get out of hollow methods

    Get out of the clichés

    The second (very) big problem in creation and innovation is that bad methods have a hard life. Brainstorming, persona, user paths, all those methods that you think are reliable are in fact your worst enemy. We explain to you scientifically why these methods don't work or are only methods of execution and graphical representation that cannot substitute strategy.

    Do not follow your users

    Be ahead of them, surprise them

    Do you really believe that by foolishly giving the user everything he expects you will strengthen your brand relationship? Do you think it will make him less disloyal? That he will love you more? And if in creation as in love, you start to become playful, surprising, fun instead of just following the rules. Take out dead advertising posters where nothing is sticking out and start creating gaming territories.

    Work with trainers

    And not just consultants

    A consultant does not have time to think. He executes. We are teachers. We take the time to think, to explain, to train, to transmit to our students as well as to your teams. Because if you don't understand the concepts, if you don't apply recipes, if you don't integrate the principles of creativity, nothing will happen. No change will take place.

  • Need Help?

  • Innovation methods you don't know about

    Find our explanations on Boursorama and TV Finance

  • Our expert consultants in strategy

    Strategy is neither Advertising nor Graphic Design. Strategy is a subject in itself - a key subject - that deserves your full attention in the Design process: if you don't know what you have to design, how are you going to design anything? We, we help you to make strategy, real strategy, with your Users and not against them.

    Partenariats UX : Olivier


    UX Strategy / Consumer Partnerships

    Olivier is the founder of Fast & Fresh. His training in Psychology & Sociology (Montpellier 3) allows him to analyze and model user behavior. His training in Ergonomics and Strategic Design (Paris V) allows him to transform the trial by helping brands build products that work with people. Olivier has been advising brands such as Accor, SNCF or Orange for 15 years. He is also professor of UX and User Research in 3 schools. Olivier is one of the main contributors on the Fast & Fresh blog.

    Stratégie & UX : Khaled


    Luxury & Grand Prestige strategy

    Khaled is a graduate of Fine Arts (Adham Esmail) and ESMOD. Khaled is a Luxury Designer: for 7 years, he managed the collections of several fashion houses in Dubai and in the Middle East from a creative point of view as well as from the point of view of customer, retail and e-commerce strategy.
    At Fast & Fresh, Khaled now oversees the creation of luxury projects (e.g. Apanage luxury concierge service) as well as trendy projects such as the new UCPA sports complexes.

    UX & Mise en Scène : Adrian


    Staging strategy & game mechanics

    Adrian is a specialist in directing and creating experiences in terms of acting as well as experiential and theatrical staging. His expertise is essential to understand how your concept will come to life in reality and especially how it will be played. Adrian is also a specialist in finding the margins: where things are questioned and stay alive.

    Modèle économique & UX : Benoît


    Business Model and Growth Expert

    Benoît is our sales director but he also happens to be a specialist in business models and business growth. Benoît is also very invested in Frenchtech Bretonne. He will be able to give you answers to the pragmatic commercial and economic paths to implement to grow your business.


    Storytelling Strategy

    Sophie is one of our resident copywriters. Sophie also writes children's books. It is with her that we have built the UCPA swimming booklet which allows us to educate children and parents at a very early age about the aquatic environment, thus avoiding drowning at a young age.