• Real user research
    with a national laboratory of Psychology

    The hardest thing with users is finding the real problem to solve.

    Most of the time, they tell you white in test and then make blue in reality.


    Besides, you know that the customer listening methods you've been using for years (focus groups, user tests...) always result in the same platitudes.


    We are Psychologists.
    For us, user research is not a hobby, it has been our job for 150 years.
    and we have been pioneering this for companies for over 20 years.

  • Our research services

    User research

    Review & enhancement of your existing data
    Observations in the field
    Usage mapping test
    Iconic tests
    Constrained tests
    Utility testing
    Sort by card
    Sociological Interviews
    User Tests
    Ergonomic audits
    International studies (Europe, United States, Asia, Middle East)

    Academic Research

    Cognitive Psychology
    Usage Mapping
    Emerging Trends
    Scientific Experiments
    Scientific Partnerships
    Consulting experts
    Research Publications

    User Journeys

    Qualitative - quantitative link
    Customer Profiling & Personae
    Users' path
    Gateways of needs with users
    Ethical design with users


    User recruitment
    Test Rooms
    Remote testing
    Converting Research into Design




  • Our latest studies

    Plus simple

    How to better protect Taxis and Uber Drivers

    En Voiture Simone

    Why do people take
    so long to pass their driving license?

    Allianz Travel

    What does it mean to protect users?


    Uses of music applications

  • Perial

    How to sell sustainable real estate?

    Théâtre du Châtelet

    Why do young audiences shun the theater?


    How can a loyalty program

    really help users?


    Research on new beauty rituals

  • Our differentiators

    Tests that others don't do

    Mapping tests, Iconic tests, Constrained tests...

    All these scientific and innovative tests allow us to understand the users as accurately as possible and to help them in the best possible way.

    Real experts with diplomas

    Psychologists and Sociologists

    That's the problem today: User Researcher and UX Researcher titles do not exist and are not protected. This opens the door to all kinds of abuse. Everybody and everybody improvises "Researcher" and charlatans make beginner's mistakes. Our Researchers are real researchers, graduates in Psychology and Sociology at university and that changes everything for the credibility of your study results.


    No neuromarketing or forced sales

    Our job is to help you understand the complexity and richness of human behavior. We follow the code of ethics of the Psychologist. If your intention is to manipulate users to force them to buy, do not come to us. In any case, these bandit methods are not sustainable in terms of CSR: when users realize that you have betrayed them, your brand is finished and with good reason.

    Research tax credit

    30% discount on your studies

    Our tests have been recognized as innovative by the state. We are therefore entitled to offer you a research tax credit.

    No focus groups!

    Only scientific methods

    The techniques used by most agencies (user introspection, brainstorming, focus groups...) have been known to produce false and biased results for over 50 years. We offer you state-of-the-art investigation techniques and high-performance tools (Mapping tests, iconic tests, Biopack, Eye tracker, Face Reader, E-Prime...).

    We train researchers

    And for 10 years now

    We work in close collaboration with the Psychology Laboratory of Montpellier III. This allows us to keep our clients up to date with the latest research, to have access to rare test material and first-rate statistics for your projects. We are also involved in the Master of Research program.

    We covert Research into Design

    Strategy & Sprint design

    Strategy and sprint design allow us to transform the trial where others leave you with a powerpoint of results in your hands.

  • Corporate USer Research

    UCPA Sport Access - Giving back the desire to go to gym

    We worked nearly 2 years with UCPA teams to understand why users are deserting sports halls and to bring new sports complexes out of the ground all over France.

  • Need Help?

  • Our blog articles on user search

    Online surveys: are your results really reliable?

    Listen to the customer: why do users say one thing and do another?

    Focus groups: why don't they work?

    User Tests and Lean UX: why do they prevent you from innovating?

  • Our experts in scientific research

    We have partnered with our former Psychology professors and PhD students to build a fast and operational User Research force dedicated to the needs of companies. We help you to see clearly: you benefit in a simple and efficient way from all the power of Scientific Research to better help your customers.

    Psychologie & UX : Arielle


    Director of the Montpellier 3  Humaines Sciences UFR

    Arielle is the French specialist in Emotions. Researcher in Cognitive Sciences, she is the director of the UFR of Human Sciences of Montpellier III.

    Psychologie & UX : Nathalie


    Director of the Epsylon laboratory

    Nathalie is the director of the Psychology laboratory.
    It is with her that we coordinate the Scientific Watch, Research and Experiments.

    Ethologie & UX : Karine


    Ethologist / Animal Behavior & Human Atavisms

    Karine has been an author, essayist and journalist specializing in the field of human-animal relations for over 20 years. She has published many books and has just directed "Revolutions animales" bringing together 80 multidisciplinary and international experts.

    UX & Ingénieur de recherche : Anne


    Fast & Fresh Research Engineer

    Anne is a Research Engineer. This means that in practice, it is with her that you will coordinate the studies. She will build your experimental protocols to ensure that you don't use outdated methods or methods that produce false results, such as focus groups.

    Data Science & Statistiques : Jules


    Statistician in Human Sciences
    & Data Science

    Jules is a Statistical Engineer graduated from ENSAE (INSEE), Sorbonne in Economics and Paris-Ouest in Sociology. He will be able to dig your data for descriptive statistics, correlations, regressions, prediction, deep learning... In short, all the dashboards that allow you not to make blind decisions. Jules is also a professor at Sciences Po.